Now the mares will receive career guidance

Eterni jumps in as a proud sponsor of the Hoppland team. - This gives the jumpers the opportunity to get career guidance that will make them even better equipped to handle the new everyday life on the day they set up, says national team manager Alexander Stöckl.

Results are created of people and through human beings. Eterni works continuously to attract, develop and retain employees, and focuses on human resources that provide Eterni with good competence and corporate culture. With Eterni at the helm, the Norwegian Ski Association gets a partner who also wants to work with the athletes during and after the end of their career. 

The million agreement was signed on Wednesday. For several years, Stöckl has wanted closer follow-up of the jumpers off the ground. Now the dream becomes a reality.

- Top sports are a period of life, but no more. Our responsibility as a system is greater than cultivating world champions and medal winners. We want to help the athletes with mastering life after an active career to the same extent as helping them to perform on the ski jump, says Stöckl.

- Many are familiar with Eterni as a proud sponsor of Norwegian sports. Now we take another step, and strengthen our profiling. There is no doubt that Norwegian show jumping is broad, and is popular with the population. We also know that jumping is the most watched sport on TV in the world. Now we are starting a big project where the jumpers get career guidance. If you are happy at home, you perform even better at work, says sponsor manager Anders Berge in the Eterni Group.

Three-time world champion in ski flying, Daniel-André Tande, thinks it is very exciting that Eterni will assist the athletes in finding the right career path in professional life.

- We have all been told to write a CV. Then individual calls await. I think this can help me and many of my teammates to know more about the opportunities that exist in the traditional professional life on the day we set up. Eterni's network can open up many exciting opportunities, says the world champion.

Sports manager Clas Brede Bråthen has been eager to start career guidance for the jumpers for a long time.

- It is important that our athletes have the opportunity to plan the time after the active career as a ski jumper has ended. We believe it is possible to use the time between training and running more appropriately and purposefully. I also think that it can lead to the athletes who are at the end of their careers being able to perform better, because the uncertainty around the time after is gone, says the jump manager.

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