Bygg Bemanning will be part of Eterni Norge

Bygg Bemanning will be part of Eterni Norge next week, then Bygg Bemanning's name will disappear, but the values and people will continue. 

- We want to strengthen our investment in Building & Construction in the Bergen area, says CEO of Eterni Gruppen Rune Myrseth. Bygg Bemanning has achieved a lot in a short time, by becoming part of Eterni Norge, we hope that they can continue to grow at the same time as employees and customers are taken care of in the best possible way. 

General manager Espen Sæverud in Construction staffing says that becoming part of Eterni Norway is an exciting opportunity that will both make us more robust and provide new opportunities for growth and development in the future.

- We are impressed by what Eterni Norway has achieved so far and have strong faith that this will be a new positive step for our employees. This will both secure current jobs and provide growth opportunities that will provide new jobs. 

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