Our services

In cooperation with you, we will work to find solutions to your challenges and needs and connect you with the right people at the right time.

Our services

Our most important task is to connect you and your needs with the right people and expertise, both short- and long-term, full-time or part-time. We offer qualified personnel with extensive experience in several different fields and industries. Take advantage of an opportunity to grow - we're here for you.



Eterni has a high level of expertise in staffing solutions in the construction industry. We have experience with staffing in all types of construction and construction operations: residential construction, institutional and commercial construction, specialized industrial development, infrastructure, roads, etc.

Typical jobs/occupations at "building" include carpenters, formwork, fitters, bricklayers, crane operators, plumbers, painters, electricians, etc.


Production is one of Eterni's most extensive business areas, including food production and the fishing industry. With over a decade of close collaboration with customers and employees, we understand your needs and everyday challenges and offer significant expertise in this field.

The most common jobs/occupations in production would be production workers, meat cutters, butchers, cooks, fillet workers, smokers, etc.

Installation and technical subjects

With our sister companies Safejob and Elektro Personell, we are among the country's leaders in installation and technical subjects, both for the SME industry and on-/offshore.  

The most common jobs/occupations in installation and technical subjects are electricians, plumbers, ventilation fitters, plumbers, and facade workers.

Industry, ISO subjects, and the energy industry

ThiIndustry is Eterni Norway's newest investment area, with experienced people from specialized industries at the forefront. We supply personnel within the industry and the oil/gas/energy industry, including ISO subjects, e.g., for refineries, oil and gas installations, shipbuilding, and shipbuilding, as well as technicians for both onshore, offshore, and inshore.

The industry's most common jobs/occupations are electricians, industrial workers, insulators, scaffolders, welders, and sheet metal workers.

Facilities and infrastructure

One of the company's fastest-growing professional areas is within facilities and infrastructure. With several years of experience from various large projects within road, rail, and other infrastructure, we are constantly experiencing a noticeable increase in demand for expertise related to this specialist area. 

The most common jobs/occupations in facilities and infrastructure are concrete workers, foundation workers, construction machine operators, handypersons, riggers, road workers, asphalt workers, and stoneworkers.


Eterni has added the necessary workforce to warehouses, logistics, and transport for over a decade.

The most common jobs/occupations in transport, storage, and logistics are truck drivers, warehouse workers, packers, etc.

Service & Hospitality

Several restaurants, bars, hotels, catering, and other tourism companies choose Eterni when they need qualified personnel and seasonal workers.

We have many opportunities, different competence, and experience requirements for the jobs in question.

The most common jobs/professions in service and hospitality would be cooks, servers, receptionists, etc.

Office and administration

Our staffing experts and HR consultants assist companies in finding competent personnel for many types of administrative positions.

The most common jobs/occupations in the office and administration area are receptionists, office managers, administrative/executive assistants, sales workers, customer service/call center workers, etc.

Sister companies

Do you feel a calling to work with and for children, and envision yourself working in a school or nursery school? Or you are an electrician ready to face new challenges together with an experienced partner with sound, safe conditions. Look at our sister companies, which specialize in industries other than those mentioned above.