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Eterni is a leading company within workforce solutions in Norway. We operate in a number of different industries, across the whole country, but always close to our customers and employees.


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Moment-Eterni joins forces in the Nordic region

Moment-Eterni, which is currently owned by the private equity fund Axcel, merges the group into a joint Nordic management on January 1st 2022, with the goal of becoming the Nordic region's leading supplier of flexible labor.

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From economics student to production employee

It is not easy to get a job as a young person and without work experience, but once you get the opportunity to test new industries in practice, it can pave the way for completely new career paths. Håkon Haanshus (22) studied business administration, but after working as a production employee at Eterni, he is now thinking in completely new ways about the future.

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Eterni Norway is a leading staffing company with offices located in all the big cities. We treasure our employees, as they are the value of the company. 
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