Ready for new opportunities in a safe environment?

Eterni is a leading company in staffing solutions in Norway. We operate in several industries nationwide - but are always close to our customers and employees.

Produksjon & Industri

Har du behov for medarbeidere innen produksjon og industri?

Vi har en stor database med kandidater, alt fra varelager og transport, til store og små produksjoner. Vi kan bistå med utleid arbeidskraft, men vi kan også hjelpe med alt du trenger innen rekruttering.


Kontor, IT og Finans

Er du på utkikk etter en eller flere ansatte innen White Collar-bransjen?

Eterni kan bistå din bedrift med dyktig personell, både som innleid arbeidskraft og ved hjelp av våre dyktige rekrutterere, som sikrer at du får teamet du trenger. Vi finner kandidater som passer til deres behov.

Bygg og Energi

Mangler du arbeidskraft innen bygg, energi eller tekniske fag?

Vi leverer kvalifiserte medarbeidere til din bedrift, ved hjelp av våre interne systemer og vår store database med faglærte ansatte. Vi har et bredt spekter faglærte arbeidere innen bygg, anlegg og energi-bransjen.

Can you still use the hiring of temporary workers?

This spring, changes have been made to the framework conditions and regulations for hiring labor in force, in addition to more strict rules in the rest of Norway for our customers who are not associated with a collective agreement with the right to opt out.

Therefore, We have developed several new suitable services to help our customers. We offer different recruitment-and HR solutions so you can focus on your business and leave the rest to us.

And we are always happy to discuss which measures your company can implement today.

Fotograf Lillian Nordbø-eterni-16

Have you heard about the ban on temporary workers in Oslo, and are you wondering what to do?

This spring, there have been changes in the framework conditions for the labor market and the tightening of the Working Environment Act, which comes into force on 1 July - a ban on hiring labor within Construction in Oslo, Viken, and Vestfold. There are still many employers who need good skilled workers. Instead of being employed by Eterni, the company will hire you directly. But we at Eterni help you find the job you are qualified for. We have more than ten years of experience with recruitment. We know the construction sites and know where your expertise is wanted! 

Register your CV here, and we will get back to you when one of our customers has a job for you.

Want to work in Norway?

Eterni Norway is a leading staffing company with offices located in all the big cities. We treasure our employees, as they are the value of the company. 
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Immediate needs - long-term contributions
Lasting Impact

We find and mediate professionals in industries with limited supply and high demand.

Think possibilities - not limitations

Share your dreams with us. We share the possibilities with you. Whether in the short or long term, local and well-known, or distant and new - We have a wide network from newly started small suppliers to some of the biggest company names in the world.
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Eterni-Moment becomes EDDA

Last year, Eterni Group merged with Danish Moment AS. Since then, a need for name change has emerged. Today we finally have the pleasure of presenting our new family name: EDDA.