We are starting a charity to help extra vulnerable workers

The new Eterni Foundation was established this week. The board will include Clas Brede Bråthen (Sports Manager for the Norwegian Jumping National Team), Gerd Kristiansen (Chairman of the Norwegian People's Aid and former LO leader) and Rune Myrseth (CEO of the Eterni Group). The purpose of the foundation is to provide job opportunities in a safe environment for people who have been out of working life for a long period, e.g. through financing of work-oriented measures and guidance.
Gerd Kristiansen and Clas Brede Bråthen will sit on the board of the Eterni Foundation (NTB)

The pandemic has affected people differently

- It is clearly a very special situation we are facing, says Gerd Kristiansen. We are thinking in particular of those who initially have difficulty finding a job, and not least those who were already out of work for the corona crisis hit, says Kristiansen.

- Work for all is job number one, and then I am very happy that I can contribute to this historic working life crisis, through the Eterni Foundation.

Clas Brede Bråthen agrees that there is a need for extra focus on those who have fallen outside. 

- It is quite clear that the crisis is striking, and this foundation will work to take care of some of those who have fallen a little extra far outside, and give them the tools they need to find their way back to working life.

Special cooperation

Like Kristiansen, Bråthen has also previously been politically involved in the Labor Party, and has been a champion of increased equality in the sport of jumping.

- I already have a good relationship with both Gerd and Rune. We have worked together before, and I have no doubt that together we can make a difference for people who have a little extra tough time getting back to work. We generally agree that we must work for a just society where everyone has the opportunity to contribute. 

Rune Myrseth is pleased that the foundation has gained members of the board with expertise and insight into the tripartite collaboration.

- Getting people into work is the very foundation of the business idea in the staffing industry. That we can now contribute to society on a completely ideal basis as well, we are very pleased, and we are really looking forward to getting started with the project. With the Eterni Foundation, we want to help reduce the exclusion many people experience due to a lack of work to go to, says Myrseth.

A long-term perspective

- The foundation has a clear long-term perspective - it is in the nature of foundations, Myrseth points out. 

- The pandemic will have long-term repercussions, especially for the youngest in working life. We have plans to operate in the foreseeable future - hence the name: Eterni. It will not be less relevant to work to create opportunities in a safe environment, so therefore we have no less ambitions than to continue the work forever.

Eterni Gruppen has first-hand experience of meeting people without work, and sees that there are many talented people who just need to get a foot in the door. The foundation will run mentoring programs, sponsor further education, retraining, certification, pay salaries under work-oriented measures, and other suitable measures for the individual. The foundation starts with an equity of 500,000 kroner, and will continue to be financed with 2 % of Eterni Gruppen's operating profit. In 2021, the value of this is estimated at approximately NOK 1 million.

The Eterni Foundation will also award gifts for other socially beneficial purposes, especially aimed at children and young people. Among other things, the PVS fund will be transferred from Pedagogisk VikarSentral. For the past six years, the fund has been responsible for allocating funds of NOK 330,000 to schools, kindergartens and organizations that promote good experiences for children and young people.

- We are absolutely certain that we have found the right candidates on the board to manage the foundation and this purpose, Myrseth emphasizes.

Application criteria and application form will be available at www.eternistiftelsen.no, which will be launched before Easter.

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