Safety and health on the construction site

TRONDHEIM: HSE manager Kennet Pettersen from Eterni and Quality and HSE engineer Linda Alme from the occupational health service Aktiv HMS on one of her round trips to the various departments in Eterni in 2019. Here on a visit to Trondheim. Left: Kennet Pettersen, department head Agnieszka Kiezik, HR consultant Kamila Musielak. Picture on the right: Linda Alme and Kamila Musielak. Photo: Gina Berg.

To create a safe workplace, it is required that health, environment and safety are taken seriously. HSE manager in Eterni Group, Kennet Pettersen, has extensive experience in the construction industry and has worked with staffing in the field for over 16 years.

- The key lies in good and thorough routines, Kennet says. - In construction, we have general and specific risk analyzes, we ensure that all employees have been through certified safety training, we run safety rounds, and much more.

- What we have missed a lot during the pandemic has been to be close to our employees, either during safety rounds on the construction site or in classroom teaching.

Why classroom teaching?

- When you get to exchange experiences with others, it will be on a completely different professional level than otherwise. It is generally very rewarding to be a part of it.

The pandemic has put an end to frequent visits to construction sites, but it has also prevented travel and the regular visits Kennet Pettersen usually makes with Eterni's representative from the occupational health service, Linda Alme:

- We are keen to meet employees where their risk at work is, Linda points out Active HSE. - Together with Kennet and the rest of the HSE team in Eterni, we make concrete action plans with specific focus areas that we will collaborate on.

Eterni has shown that HSE is an integral part of their systematic work. A lot of time and resources are set aside in following up the HSE work and working closely with us in the occupational health service. I know that Eterni's HR consultants are also often out to visit the projects where the employees perform work. In connection with the visits, they look at safety and working conditions, and not least strike up a conversation and hear how the employees are doing - considering the psychosocial working conditions.

- It should only be missing, Kennet emphasizes. Had we not been where we are today, we would not have taken health and safety seriously.