Eterni opens new office in Kristiansand

Eterni Norway is expanding. We now also offer new opportunities in SØRLANDET, in a number of subject areas such as: production, warehousing, logistics, construction, industry, fishing and many more.

The new department in Kristiansand will be run by HR consultant and department manager Julie Vennesland:

- The first week has been eventful, and I have received good help from great colleagues in both Oslo and Bergen.

Vennesland works as usual in PVS - Pedagogisk VikarSentral (which is also a part of Eterni Group), and has provided schools and kindergartens in Sørlandet with good and long-awaited substitutes for the past 4 years.

- Already the first week we have succeeded in finding skilled people for a construction and industrial customer, and we look forward to the continuation! We will supply personnel to a number of different industries, so now do not hesitate to contact us Today, whether it's a job or people you're looking for.