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Trondheim is Norway's third largest city, and an important work and business center for the population in Central Norway. The city has a rich cultural life, many charming wooden houses and a long history dating back to the Viking Age. Trondheim is a lively student city, and has a world-leading competence environment in technology and science. The business community in the region is large, especially in industry, food, production and aquaculture. By the way, the town is a paradise for those interested in skiing, with ski slopes in the immediate vicinity in most places.

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Our subject areas


Eterni has very high competence in staffing solutions in the construction industry. We have experience with staffing in all types of construction and civil engineering: residential construction, institutional and commercial construction, specialized industrial development, infrastructure and roads, etc.


Production is one of Eterni’s largest fields of business, including food manufacturing in general, and the fish industry in particular. With over a decade serving clients and employees, we understand your needs and everyday challenges, offering great expertise within this field.

Office & administration

Our staffing experts provide organizations with skilled personell to many kinds of administrative positions.


For over a decade, Eterni has provided necessary labor to storages, warehouses and transportation industry, making the company well versed within logistics and associated fields.

Service & Hospitality

Restaurants, bars, hotels, catering, or other tourism businesses enjoy teaming up with us when in need of qualified personnell and seasonal workers.

We have a wide range of possibilities and different competence and experience requirements for the jobs in question.

Installation and technical subjects

Eterni Norway's newest focus area, with people with decades of experience from specialized industries at the forefront. We supply personnel in construction, industry, infrastructure and technology, e.g. to refineries, oil and gas installations, shipyards and shipbuilding industries, as well as technicians for both onshore, offshore and inshore.